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The Dutch Marres family has three branches, the best known is Marres, the second Mares and the third Volgraaf. The story of the family is described from the first historical mention of Morech, the oldest known ancestor, dating back to 1388, he was a landowner in Zussen, near Maastricht. His son Johan Marres acquires a prior property of the Knights of Boxberch in Zussen in 1403.

In Genetics the continuation of the written pedigree is discussed with Y-DNA research deep into prehistoric times. The family has as its own Y-DNA clade G-FGC6634.

Described are the possible places of residence of the family in prehistoric times.

There is something about family heraldry.

Some Archaeologic finds found during the renovation of their houses in the historic part of Maastricht from Roman Times and in their quarry la Belvédère in Caberg near Maastricht are shown.


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